A Little Bit About ARTINISTO

Jun 09 , 2018


Marjan P

A Little Bit About ARTINISTO

ARTINISTO is the place for men who love high-quality and limited edition streetwear. At ARTINISTO we believe that fashion demonstrates art, and every piece of art has its own story. More than just a clothing outlet, we share with you the inspiring stories behind each design, and also, the incredible journey of our designers. We’re very proud to introduce a selection of the most unique garments that are of limited production and quality guaranteed. We understand that men always need self-confidence, and it’s our pleasure to help them express it!

The Story of ARTINSITO

TUAN V. VO   (Founder)

“I’ve always have a very special love for fashion, and living in New York makes me fall in love with it even more. The vibrancy of art in the city really inspires me. Interestingly,  I remembered one day I got bored of shopping from these massive clothing stores in Manhattan, which I knew for sure there would be somebody on the street wearing the same thing I had. Therefore, I went online and looked for something more unique and limited, however there wasn’t anything that really impressed me. That was how the idea of ARTINISTO was born. I wanted to create a menswear boutique that offers pieces from around the world that are good quality and produced in limited amount. I wanted to bring crafts that are as fresh and truly artistic, the way fashion is meant to be. My idea was to build a platform to provide creative inspiration, a place for fashionistos to share their imaginative stories, but most importantly, to have fun playing with clothing.”



It’s pronounced Art-Tee-Nis-Toe. The name ARTINISTO is invented by two words, “Art” and “Fashionisto”. “Art” because we truly believe that every piece of clothing is a work of art. The whole process from finding inspiration and ideas, to sketching out the concept on paper, then picking fabric, colors, and finishing with the many little details is all an incredibly creative practice of a designer. “Fashionisto” is the male version of fashionista, which is said to a man who has a great style. Since our focus is on streetwear for men who care about fashion, the word fashionistoexplains us very well. Therefore, the combination of these two words became our name, which tells our mission and value. Art + Fashionisto = ARTINSITO


The Logo

Our logo is an illustration of a pineapple designed by Elivekovska. The inspiration was from Tuan (founder) seeing a pineapple in his dream when he was working on this project. As we have known, in American culture, the image of a pineapple presents the hospitality; and by having this logo, we want to show our welcoming to all of you. We want you to know that we appreciate your visit, and the moment you come to ARTINSITO, you've become our special friends !    


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