ARTINISTO | First Pop-up Shop

Aug 23 , 2018


Marissa S

ARTINISTO | First Pop-up Shop

ARTINISTO just popped up in Brooklyn, NY last weekend for our very first pop-up shop, and it was pure success! The Grand Opening did so well that the shop is going to be open this coming weekend. This is your chance to come through and take a look at all the amazing mens streetwear that we offer. We’re pretty sure you’ll want to take something home with you too!

Artist and Fleas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a market that showcases different artistic vendors willing to get their products out there and available to the public. It’s a place where art, fashion, design, and vintage come together to create an eclectic space that promotes creativity and originality. You can immediately feel the positive and fun energy as you walk into this space. It’s filled with imagination as you get to view all the unique products displayed by a large number of vendors.

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Urban, artistic, and dynamic, this venue is the perfect space for Artinisto’s very first pop-up shop. Artinisto believes that fashion is art and that being you is important. The founder of Artinisto, Tuan, thought that these ideas would be displayed perfectly in this venue, and he was absolutely right. His mission is exhibited through his products and enhanced with the energy of the venue. It’s a perfect fit!

Artinisto offered 20% off at the Grand opening at Artist and Fleas and it was very positive. Other vendors were even stopping in to show their support and customers were rolling in pretty fast, loving all the products that were offered. The quality of the products weren’t difficult to see and many customers didn’t even have to try items on to decide to make the purchase or not.

Quality over quantity is definitely a phrase that Artinisto lives by and because there is a limited supply, the items won't be reproduced after they're sold out. This weekend coming up, items will also be 20% off as long as you sign up with your email address. We'd love to see you in person to get to know you and have a chance to describe all our special pieces.  

Since the grand opening at Artists and Fleas was a success, the pop-up shop is not going anywhere soon. We’ll be here for awhile, so come hang out with us. We would love to meet you and hear your opinions.

Here are some of our favorite moments from last weekend:

Our friends, Karim and Alexey


Our friend, Elouie


Our friend, TinOur friend, Tin


Our friend, Adana


Our friend, Jamilla 


Our friend, Carlos

If you didn't have chance to stop by last weekend, come visit us this weekend! It's always our greatest joy to meet you.



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