Designer Erroll Teboul, The Person behind Heroseven

Jun 13 , 2018


Marjan P

Designer Erroll Teboul, The Person behind Heroseven

Erroll Teboul is an extremely talented designer from France who created his brand in Marseille in 2007. This is the first time that they brought their collection to USA and we are very proud to be a part of this event and happy to share it with our customers worldwide.

Mr. Teboul was inspired by the myth of male hero from 50’s and 60’s; and wanted to design a vintage looking products for men whose influence you can clearly see in his collections.

As you will notice the collection is very masculine with a little bit of attitude and is for everyone who likes to look cool and effortless at the same time. Most of his tees in our collection are inspired by none other than legendary movie star and racer Steve McQueen who was one of the best paid actors in the world and also a great racer at the peak of his career.

A common thread to his latest collection is a color navy green and even that serves its purpose. The fact is that Mr. Teboul is very environmentally conscientious and 1% of all the sales go towards the preservation of Amazon Rainforest and that is one more reason why ARTINISTO decided to collaborate and showcase his magnificent work of art.


At ARTINISTO we care about fashion but more than that we care about our planet and all living things that we believe should live in a healthy balance and harmony for generations to come.

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