EARTH DAY: April 22, 2018 -End Plastic Pollution

Apr 15 , 2018


Marjan P

EARTH DAY: April 22, 2018 -End Plastic Pollution

EARTH DAY: April 22, 2018. End Plastic Pollution

The first Earth Day was on April 22, 1970 which brought awareness about protecting the environment to millions of people around the globe. The mission of the Earth Day Organization is to build the world's largest environmental movement. They've been creating campaigns all over the world to educate and help protect our environment.

ARTINISTO is committed to helping the Earth Day Organization. That is why we include a recycling sign in each one of our packages we send out. We want to encourage our customers to live a green life!

Use the Discount Code "EARTHDAY" to receive 15% off your order AND donate to! (3% of your purchase will be donated). Only from April 20-22, 2018


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