LGBTQ: Be YOU (Be Special)

Jun 22 , 2018


Marissa S

LGBTQ: Be YOU (Be Special)

It’s LGBTQ Pride month and it’s time to celebrate! We offer 30% OFF on all items by using code LGBTQ !!

Yes, there is a history that comes along with this special time of year, but it’s also the celebration of yourself and being YOU, What ARTINISTO is all about!

LGBTQ pride is to pay tribute to the NY Stonewall riots that began at the start of the gay liberation movement in the 1960’s during June. If you think about it, it was not that long ago, but we have come a long way when it comes to equality for the LGBTQ community. But the LGBTQ community, like many communities that face discrimination, continues to fight and take a stand for equality.  This month is to pay homage to this movement and its progress in gay rights.

In any cause you believe in or any struggle you are taking a stance against, the fight for it is something that you live daily, if you are truly passionate about it. Let’s all come together during this month of June to celebrate how far we have come, and to remember that at the end of the day, LGBT pride is about accepting yourself and accepting all others. One of the reasons we love this time of year is because it emphasizes the idea to be open and be proud of who you are.

LGBTQ Pride events have already taken place all over the U.S, but over here on the East Coast, the NYC Pride march is one of the most popular parades in the world. This year it is expected to be the largest one NYC has ever had.

This coming Sunday, June 24th, 2018 is the annual LGBTQ Pride march in NYC, and if you have ever been to this event, you now how fun and colorful the energy is. You can feel all the love and support from everyone who gathers there. The positive vibes really give you a sense of community and acceptance. If you are heading on over to NYC on this day, we are certain you will have a fabulous time!

At ARTINISTO, we truly believe that being you is important when it comes to style. We provide you with the most unique products that inspire you to express yourself! We appreciate those who can be creative and we love to share products by designers who also share a similar vision; to spread positivity, to inspire, and to promote the importance of being you.

LGBTQ Pride is all about inspiration and expression, the reason why we highly support this time of year. It’s one of the most fun, lively, inspiring, and colorful times of the year. If you haven’t gone to any LGBT pride events this month, go to Sunday’s NYC Pride parade and it will be an event you will never forget.

Enjoy the month of June, show your true self, and always be proud of who you are!

All photos are from Pride 2017



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