"Life is Good"

Apr 11 , 2018


George Young

"Life is Good"

At ARTINISTO, we believe that fashion is more than something that people wear to cover or protect their body. To us, fashion really helps people to express their personality, to deliver their message, and even to stand for something that they believe in.

We were lucky enough to meet Paul, the designer of “Life is Good” collection who has a very similar vision about the role of fashion in people’s daily life. The more we talked to him, the more we love his works. When we asked Paul about his journey to fashion, he said, “what brought me and my partners to fashion was the will to do something different than studies. We could not play basketball or football at a professional level, we could not make music, so we decided to make fashion in high school. Years after years it has grown to a real label, with collections and retailers, and we are very proud of it!”

One of the most interesting things when we have conversations with designers is that most of them have no relevant training background in fashion. They just do things that they like, and time goes by it becomes a fashion label, which we think it’s very unique and special. Their stories are always full of joys and achievements.

Paul’s collection “Life is Good” can be a good example of “story-telling” fashion when each piece has its own name, which inspired by daily events that the designer experiences. Paul said, “Our SS18 collection is a collection about hope and joy. We tried to give a positive dimension to every item of the collection, and to bring positive vibrations around us!” … isn’t it cool?


We’re very proud to have this collection at artinisto.com, and it’s your turn to discover!

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