"Life is Good" | Summer Collection

Jul 18 , 2018


Marissa S

"Life is Good" | Summer Collection

Our new collection has just come in and we are excited and proud to share these unique items with all of you. Our Life is Good collection displays pieces that will enhance your summer wardrobe. Coming in straight from France, we offer you some fun tops that will keep you looking cool and relaxed.

The designer of this collection, Paul Coffinières, has a very interesting and creative vision. We had the pleasure of speaking with this amazing designer and he explained that his collection is, “About hope and joy”. He told us that him and his friend decided to go into fashion in high school because there was nothing else they liked. School sports or music was not something they were very involved in. Over the years, their interest of fashion grew into a real label, and they are very proud of their accomplishments. We are also proud and lucky to be able to display the Life is Good collection.

Made with 100% organic cotton and limited edition pieces, we are positive that you will enjoy every piece that comes from this innovative and creative designer. He created these products with comfort in mind and the want for you to feel unique when you wear each one.

Each piece he creates has its own unique name. We share the names and stories of his awesome streetwear creations. You will be thrilled to have these in your wardrobe.

This Robert d’amour is not your ordinary white tee-shirt. It displays artwork that is inspired by 20th century tattoos. This classic style of art is a great way to express yourself, and no need for needles!

The Je ne veux pas travaller tee-shirt is a sweet ode to the lovely French entertainer, Josephine Baker. The words Je ne veux pas travaller mean “I don’t want to work”, and it’s perfect for this laid back collection because, who really wants to go work in the summer? We would rather be sipping on a nice, cool drink by the beach.

The Hope shirt displays the word “Hope” in English and Inshallah. Two different languages that look very nice paired together, showing you the importance of unity. We are one people and one world.

The Madeleine was made keeping the French Marcel Proust book anecdote in mind. Marcel Proust is a well-known French novelist. Just like all the other shirts in this collection, this shirt is intriguing and a real conversation piece.

The accordion shirt is a must-have in your closet or tee-shirt drawer. Paul Coffinières, the designer explained, “as you walk down the streets of Paris, you can hear accordion music being played”. What a sweet and relaxing way to remind yourself that life is ,indeed, good. See why we placed this in our collection?

We mentioned this one in a blog before, but it’s definitely worth mentioning again. Who doesn’t like ice cream? This Ice Cream Cone pull-over is a reminder that, “life is good, beautiful, and tasty just like an ice cream”. It’s a fun shirt for all the ice cream lovers out there!

We have that summer fever and we hope you do too! This collection will keep you looking cool and feeling cool. Snag one of these incredible pieces to add a little bit of art into your life.


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