"Don’t follow the crowd – wear what makes you feel you."

Jun 09 , 2018


Marjan P

"Don’t follow the crowd – wear what makes you feel you."

We had a chance to meet Tim Hoad and his team -KING APPAREL- in New York City. The positive energy and the similar vision were what brought us together. His creativity and sense for finding art in fashion were astounding and the bond of like minded people was immediate. Once we saw his collection we immediately fell in love with it.

Tim Hoad  (Photo by The Style Heist)

Tim, What or Who has brought/ influenced you to fashion?

Well my path was quite unconventional. I have no education or formal training in fashion or design. I was a pro snowboarder and did quite a lot of research and development for my clothing sponsor which was Columbia Sportswear. So, I would test stuff out and make suggestions on colours, fabrics, designs – so it looked good and was functional too. I was also really interested in all the start up snowboard brands at the time  - just snowboarders making their own companies with sick logos, and teams etc. All these things came together when I smashed myself so much at snowboarding I needed something else to focus on and that led me to think I would like to do my own brand from my home town LONDON and use all the above things to try and make it happen.

What special about your Spring/Summer 2018 collection?

This line has quite obvious branding and with the overbrand/90’s trend really alive this was a deliberate design aesthetic to honour that movement. It is still done tastefully so that it has that high-end appeal with streetwear roots. The cuts, shapes and colours are all very much European and tie in nicely with the light spring and summer feel and there is not so much direct UK/European flavour, especially amongst US brands in our sector so that definitely gives us a stand out look.

(Shop this hoodie here)  -Photo by Duke Nguyen-


Why do you chose ARTINISTO as your retailer?

You are the only one who came to the booth…haha I’m joking. No, you guys have really good synergy with how we operate the brand. We are very selective with our retailers, we do not go mass market/high street and keep everything made in limited runs with no repeats. Artinisto had that bespoke appeal that fitted well with the brand message and so it was an easy decision to make.

In one sentence, what is your message to fashion lovers out there?

Don’t follow the crowd – wear what makes you feel you.

(Shop this outfit here)

Model: Petar Perovic



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